My Account
How do I check my account?
To check on your account, click on the Account Services icon located on the homepage . Once there, you can enter your mobile number to check your Service End Date. You will also be able to see a link to My Account where you can log in to create and update your personal profile information, update credit/billing information, and more.
Self Services
How do I help myself?
There are many easy self service tips you can do to help you enhance your experience. Please visit our 611611 Page.
Data Usage
How do I manage my data usage?
  • TRACK USAGE: You may download a Data Usage app such as My Data Manager. With Android 4.0 and later versions, you can set a mobile data limit reminder.
  • Wi-Fi®: Use a secure Wi-Fi connection to stream music, video, and other data heavy content.
  • AUTO UPDATES: Turn off auto updates on your apps or change your settings to update over Wi-Fi only.
  • PICTURES AND VIDEO: Turn off automatic picture and video uploading or change your settings to upload on Wi-Fi only.
  • EMAIL: Turn off push e-mail or set e-mail accounts to sync every hour or longer, or to update manually.
  • MOBILE WEBSITES: Access the mobile web site version of your choice. Full web sites require more data to view and browse.
  • BACKGROUND APPS: Turn off apps running in the background. They constantly use data and can slow down the processing speed of your phone.
Wi-Fi Tips
How should I manage my Wi-Fi?
If you need to see tips for Wi-Fi connectivity, Click Here .
Battery Life
How can I improve my phone's battery life?
  • Switch "Screen Timeout" to the lowest setting.
  • Check running services and close unnecessary applications.
  • Turn off Bluetooth and GPS when not in use.
  • Turn off automatic application sync.
  • Turn off automatic application sync.
  • Reduce heavy data usage.
  • Reduce the use of the "Live Wallpapers"(These use processing power and memory).
  • Use the charger that came with your phone to avoid battery damage.
  • Check the "Battery Use" screen to review features or functions that have been consuming your battery.